Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life Hack: Take Time Out to Relax

Iced wisteria
Last Saturday was very warm for January--75 degrees--but, by Monday, the temperatures had dropped into the twenties.  On Tuesday, the media bleated out a Winter Weather Advisory, supplanted by an ice storm warning.  Schools sent students home, churches and civic organizations cancelled evening activities, and businesses closed.

As is usual around here, the roads were not as icy as expected, although there was a nice coating of ice on everything else.  Wednesday was supposed to be warmer and sunny, but the clouds prevailed, and, with nighttime temperatures dipping, rural roads refroze and Wednesday evening activities were cancelled, too.

It's Friday evening, after a warmish sunny day, and I am at home again.  In fact, this is my fifth straight evening at home.  It's wonderful.

The Holly and the Ice
I had not realized how much I just needed some evenings at home.  I've not really done anything these evenings--the housework remains undone, for example--but I have managed to just stop and breathe.  For the first time in a long while, the iron vise around my forehead is loosening; that knot in the small of my back is unraveling.


As much as I am committed to serving my community, I cannot do that as well as I expect if I do not take care of myself.  Since I am an extreme introvert, that means planning adequate time for myself.  I need it.  I will burn out without it.  I now give myself permission to do it.

That means I will need to either refuse some requests (like I would refuse any . . .), or find more efficient ways to accommodate them.  From home, if at all possible.

While I've been home . . .

Flowering quince
Lest you think I've been relaxing in the recliner noshing on bon-bons while watching "reality" television,   I've also been continuing on last week's quest to improve blog traffic.  You can now follow the Savory family of blogs on Twitter , or Facebook or Pinterest.

So, how did last week's link-laden post affect site traffic?  It may have caused a tiny uptick, but Twitter and Pinterest seem to drive more hits.  The quest continues . . .

And so I write on, shouting into the F5 tornado that is the Internet, trusting that you are reading.

Thank you so much.

How are you living your Savory life?


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