Friday, April 5, 2013

Strong enough to stand the winds of a stress-filled life

Standing proudly against the winds
It's been a long week and I feel like a weathered tree.  I'm a bit tired and bent over, and feel like I've lost a few branches along the way.  But, I'm home now, and gazing out the window as the western sky fades from gold to aquamarine to sapphire to diamond-studded ebony.

It's wonderful, these few minutes alone, in the quiet of a gathering dusk.  Quiet is restorative to me, and allows my thoughts to seek order rather than bouncing around in my head, trying to escape the constant barrage of digital noise.

I need to line up my tasks for tomorrow;  it's supposed to be warm and sunny.  Water stands in the rain-drenched yard while onions wave proudly among the dormant grass.

The garden plots are muddy, so yardwork will wait for a drier day.  There's plenty that needs doing inside, but it will have to wait because what I need lies beyond the door.

I need to hear the whisper of the pines.  I need to see the mohawk stripe of a female red-headed woodpecker.  I need to hear the whisper of the breeze-tossed broomsedge.  I need to see the flash of blue from a jay.  I need to hear the meadowlark's aria and the recitative of the phoebe.  I need to feel the wind cooling the warmth of the sun on my face.

I need space, and I need time, and I give myself permission to take it tomorrow.

Won't you join me?  Unplug.  Engage.  Recharge.  You deserve it.

What about you?  How are you living your Savory life?