Saturday, March 3, 2012

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed . . .

I am blessed.  Whatever else may happen, I cannot forget that. 


Today was one of those unsettled days--windy, temperatures in the 80s, angry clouds.  The weathermap was covered in red and yellow boxes.  Despite the predictions, the resident dragon and I bucked the gale force winds and made the hour trek into work. 

About noon, I checked the weather and saw that our community--where we live--was threatened by severe thunderstorms, but heard no news of tornadoes, thank goodness.   

Shattered tree

On the way home (why do Fridays feel so long?), when we drew within about 5 miles of our home, we started noticing pine trees snapped off about 3 feet above ground.  In numerous places, the shards of shatter trees littered the roadway, their foot-thick trunks already salvaged for free firewood.  We worried.  My husband's parents are surrounded by pine trees.

Soon we passed the utility truck looking for downed lines and we were sitting in my in-laws' driveway.  Pine trees towered over us defiantly, albeit they'd been wind-pruned. 

No longer a porch swing
 Once we were home we found the porch swing upside-down in the flowerbed, but no obvious damage.  Inside the house, the wind had blown rain water through an ill-closed window.  A fine film of rainwater had spread six feet inside the door on the windward side of the house under the shelter of an eight foot wide covered porch.  Thank goodness for stained concrete concrete floors.

Hail damage
 Outside, about half the snow peas in a pot had fallen victim to the quarter-sized hail.  A few things had been blown about, and the martin house pole was now about 15 degrees off plumb.

Inside, the news was detailing the destruction elsewhere caused by the same weather system.  Entire towns in the midwest have been wiped away.

Martin House Pole
But we have been spared.  We are more than spared.  We are safe.  We are well.  The meadowlark has emerged from its shelter and sings its hymn to remind us:  we are blessed.

And we are thankful.

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