Thursday, June 25, 2015

Knowing the Value of Your Suds

Recycle a used foaming soap dispenser
It's amazing how accustomed we become to the simplest of things: soap, for example. Back when I was a child (and the earth was young and dinosaurs roamed), soap only came in bar form. Then came the liquid soap; I presume for those squeamish about touching soap other people had touched. The more recent incarnation is foaming soap: I presume to overcome the slimy feeling of soap. Of course, foaming soap is a luxury item with a luxury price. Being frugal as I am, I set about making my own. Here's how:

Enjoy your foam!

  • Save used foaming soap dispenser.
  • Fill 1/4 full with regular liquid hand soap (or castile soap and essential oil).
  • Fill the remainder of the bottle (3/4) with warm water.
  • Replace cap and shake to mix.
  • Voila!
If you were paying attention, you've probably made a shocking discovery: foaming soap is, at most, 1/4 of the strength of liquid soap. It's true. So, you're paying 4 times as much for foaming hand soap as for regular liquid hand soap. Ouch. But, if you like the feel of the foam, and I do, you still can enjoy it frugally with a little imagination!

What about you? How are you frugally enjoying your Savory life?


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