Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 Plants for Sale

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2015 Organic, non-GMO Transplants

Find us at the Fayette County Farmer's Market beginning March 28

Early Vegetables: Transplants expected to be ready March 28

Broccoli: Waltham 29: Tolerates cold well, but may “button” at colder temperatures.

Broccoli: Early Purple Sprouting: Tolerates cold well, may “button” at colder temperatures.

Broccoli: Calabrese Sprouting: new variety; Likes somewhat warmer temperatures.

Broccoli: Umpquah: Likes somewhat warmer temperatures.

Cabbage: Early Flat Dutch: new variety; reported to be good for kraut!

Tomatoes: Transplants expected to be ready after April 22

Note: All standard tomato varieties are indeterminate and should be staked or trellised.


Ozark Pink: survived a tomato hornworm invasion, produced throughout the season; good flavor.

Arkansas Traveler: survived hornworm onslaught, produced late into the season, good flavor; Arkansas name connection.

Cherokee Purple: survived hornworm invasion, good producer, excellent flavor.

Black Trifele: survived hornworm onslaught; flavor-wise, probably my favorite because of its mild and smoky flavor; much smaller than a pear for me, with a few cracks. Not a prolific producer, but worth the trouble.

Black Krim: survived hornworm onslaught; name recognition; good flavor.

Arkansas Marvel: new variety: catalog description: "4-inch, 1 lb., meaty, yellow-orange beefsteak tomatoes with red marbling with a gush of wonderful sweet, well-balanced tomato flavors”

Homestead 24: new variety: catalog description: "smooth, red, round 8 oz. fruits with exceptionally good taste"


Early Annie: short plant with few seeds, good flavor, actually produced all season for me.

San Marzano Gigante: the legendary flavor and twice the size!; good flavor, and excellent producer; prolific nearly until

frost; recognizable name; I'm actually planting San Marzano Redorta this year, but looking forward to a good harvest


Hawaiian Currant: Bracts of red, tiny, sweet, tasty tomatoes

Gold Rush Currant: Heavy producer of bracts of tiny orange tomatoes, great flavor

Peppers: Transplants expected to be ready after May 15

Chinese Five-Color: hot; new variety; beautiful edible ornamental whose fruit ranges through green, white, orange, and red; reported Scoville 50,000

Tam Jalapeno: hot; good producer, nice-sized fruit; reported Scoville 4,500

Jupiter: sweet; new variety; thick-walled, disease-resistant bell

Ozark Giant: sweet; good producer, medium size bells, produced until frost last year


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