Saturday, March 2, 2013

Enjoying Life's Surprises: Spring Snow Day!

We woke to snow this morning!
After a winter in which I was more likely to wear shorts than a sweater, it finally snowed.  On the first day of March.  And continued snowing all day.  Which might have been disastrous had the ground not already warmed too much for the snow not to melt.


For the lack of accumulation, that is, because I like snow, at least when I can stay home.  Today, I stayed home.  I washed clothes.  I cleaned off the dining table, which had collected a month's worth of mail and just plain junk.  I began the tax return.  I baked brownies.  Snow brings out my domesticated side.

The snow has gotten heavier as the day goes on.
We're having a spaghetti fundraiser at our church, so the Resident Dragon has been making meat sauce all week--to the tune of 5 gallons of the stuff.  Two gallons are going to church, one is going to friends, one is going into the freezer, and one is next week's supper.

Maybe I should bake bread to go with the spaghetti.

See????  It's the snow!  I realize our friends in the Midwest are sick of it, but, here in the South, it's a treat.  There is something magical about a snow.  Time seems to slow and silence blankets the landscape.  Although I can see my neighbors' houses in the distance, I feel blessedly alone, and focused on my own little corner of the world.

The snow accumulates
for a moment, and then
it's gone.
I have really needed this time to recharge.

Tomorrow, it begins again, my responsibilities to my family and community, but today I feel my exhausted body and spirit gathering strength as I watch the snow fall.

How are you living your Savory life?


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