Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts on Happiness Under the Frosty Moon

Thanksgiving Moonrise
Thanksgiving weekend brought beautiful days, but even more beautiful nights.  The moon, always so prominent this time of year, first appeared in the sky at mid-afternoon, but, on this evening, gleamed bright in the blue sky long before dark.

This lovely view capped a long, lovely day outside:  perfect sunshine, perfect temperature.  It reminded my exactly why I moved to the country.

Sometimes, it's hard to remember why I moved.  Our house in town was nicely sized, in a good neighborhood, and in a nice town.  But, it was in town--with other houses within twenty feet of mine.  It just felt so close when I knew I had property with a lot of empty space.

Road to Somewhere?
So, we built, and moved.  And we drive.  Back and forth to our jobs in town, we drive.  Every day, we drive.  Leaving in the dark and returning in the dark, we drive.  For days on end, home is shrouded in darkness.

Except this week.  The moon is bright and full, and the ice crystals hanging in the dark night sky give the night's light its traditional name:  the Frost Moon.  A bright halo seems to illuminate the entire sky, and the hoarfrost sparkles on the landscape.

It's breathtaking, spread out before me like a Currier & Ives print.

I would not see this in the city.  I would not see this if I were not moving at this hour.  There's a special quiet in the moments before dawn.  Night-time animals are returning to their beds; the deer are feeding before the light reveals them.

Frosty moon through the trees
To everything there is a season . . .

This is my season on the road, driving until the day I do not need to drive anymore.  It will be worth it; anything worth having, is worth working for.

What about you?


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