Friday, September 21, 2012


Avatar:  a movable image that represents a person in a virtual reality environment or in cyberspace *

Click "play" to meet my avatar.

The real me is messy, and temperamental, and overbooked, and undisciplined, and, and, and . . . real.

But it's nice to pretend for a little while, to escape, before returning to the world that cannot be contained in two dimensions but is a fully-relational matrix of responsibilities, commitments, and interests.  My 2-D self lies devoid of its own volition, waiting for you to click on the "play" icon, but my 3-D self can be self-actuating, when it chooses.

And I choose.

To be self-actuating, that is.  That is who I am, except when I'm amusing myself creating digital dolls for no better reason than it was fun.

Which it was, once I "redesigned" myself, because, in the break from reality, I had to focus some on how I wish others to see me.

I think I have some changes to make.

So, I think I'll play digital-dress-up once in a while, when the real me is feeling a bit 2-D.  Somehow, the 2-D me helps the 3-D me to see myself more clearly.

Won't you come along with me?


*avatar. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved September 21, 2012, from website:

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  1. I love your Avatar! You have inspired me to make one of my own! Once it is done, i will send it. Keep the great posts coming!


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